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Hey there!

This LiveJournal was started when I was newly sharing myself on the web--a sophomore in high school. I carried it, and it carreid me all the way through most of college.

And then I gave up on most of it.

I had shared so much that I was sick of it being irrelevant.

I mean, when would people look this up? Maybe when they wanted to Google "SoreThumb", which can be a lot more grievous when some employer reads about High School, Super Dramatic (?) Nathan.


If you really want to know about me, contact me.  Maybe I'll post in this LJ just for you! B) <3

Or, visit my related websites for now..

  • The Nateway,
    a curated list of memorable milestones in my life.. that might be relevant to a human being, or someone looking at my skills.

  • The Natework,
    a web archive of all my personal web projects. Visit if you want to see old LJ Designs I once used at this livejournal.

  • SoreThumb's Twitter,
    an old name I still use on my barely-comfortable to share Twitter.
  • SoreThumb's FaceBook,
    the old name, but on Facebook.

Thank you for visiting me. I appreciate it. :)


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